Womanetics – Are You Busting Your Butt When You Should Be Busting Your Clutter?

When I was a little girl, I didn’t like closed doors because I couldn’t see what was on the other side. I felt overwhelmed by the thought of what may or may not be lurking there. My sister, on the other hand, loved playing in her room. She could play for hours with the door closed because she was focused on what was happening on her side of the door, while I was focused on what may or may not be happening on the side I couldn’t see.

Immediately following Hurricane Katrina, which devastated my city and caused a domino effect of implosions in my life, I felt extremely overwhelmed by my perception that a very big door had just shut me out of seeing my future. My mind was cluttered with thoughts of how to help my friends, help my community, help myself.

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