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An Organizational Strategy To Increase Purpose and Productivity”

** (Can be delivered as Keynote Speech, Half-day or Full Day Workshop)**
In this humorous, motivational, and down-to-earth presentation, Virginia empowers her audience to break free of their clutter and harness the energy of life — not stuff — to find personal fulfillment.

Your Audiences Will Be:

  • Empowered with the Knowledge and Tools to Know How & Where to Begin Their Organizing Projects
  • Inspired To Get More Done
  • Energized and Motivated to Create An Organized Life that Will Drive Them Toward More Purpose-filled Destinations Rather Than Around in Circles
  • Walk Away with a Positive Perspective of Organizing as a Fun and Fruitful Activity
  • Excited and Re-charged to Go Home and Start ClutterBusting!
  • Trained on Simple ClutterBusting Strategies that Will Instantly Allow Them to Become More Productive.

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