– Virginia Barkley – Constance Street

PRCAConstanceInteriorWhat was the reason for the renovation? When I was preparing to move home from Atlanta, I started looking at renovated shotguns in the area between Henry Clay and Audubon Park/Magazine and the river, and while the exteriors had a lot of curb appeal, I was unable to find a floor plan that I liked. My Realtor called me and said that a house on Constance Street was coming on the market –– coincidentally that’s my mother’s name and the only street where I’d ever lived in Uptown New Orleans. The house was in a great location and ironically next door to the shotgun double that I’d rented eight years earlier, and it was in desperate need of an overhaul, so I put in my bid, crossed my fingers and thankfully outbid five others who I’m sure wanted it as badly as I did. I can only explain my good fortune as divine intervention. Long answer to your question: Having never renovated before but loving new challenges for learning and growth, I took the plunge, bought the house for its prime location and set about the adventure of renovating a historic 1904 home.

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