More than Doers, We are Deciders

More-than-Doers-We-Are-DecidersAs with any endeavor we embark on, it is our commitment and consistent awareness of taking a minimum of one small step per day towards our end goal which will dictate our success rate.  Jin Shin Jyutsu (pronounced gin chin jitzu), the ancient oriental art of harmonizing mind, body, and spirit through physiological energy work, is how I came to learn this beautiful quote, More Than Doers, We Are Deciders….

I believe that decisions make or break our progress when it comes to getting ourselves organized.  I heard a quote recently that says, Decide whether Yes or No; it’s the maybe’s that kill us.  For example, while I might be skilled at organizing, I am HUGELY challenged to drink water consistently during the day; that being said, I have a choice to be bigger than the challenge and DECIDE to put actions into place that will move me toward drinking my eight glasses of water a day, hydrating and feeling healthier and more energized because of this decision.

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