Creating a User-Friendly Closet Environment

creating a user-friendlyWhen people ask me where to start organizing, if there are several areas that need to be streamlined, I recommend the master bedroom or master closet because these are, most likely, the two areas you see first thing in the morning. My organizing philosophy revolves around my simple 4-step C.A.L.M. technique that supports relaxation of the brain and harnesses increased focus and energy to spend on more fulfilling pursuits.

While we may try to ignore clutter consciously, our subconscious is on-call 24/7, taking note of all that surrounds us. The calmer our environment, the less brain power is wasted on cataloguing our surroundings in its ongoing effort to ensure we are safe. Clutter creates anxiety within us regardless of whether we allow ourselves to feel it. Chances are if we don’t feel anxious about the clutter, that anxiety is playing itself out in some other area of our lives. So let’s venture into your closet and create a calm and functioning environment for you to enter into in the morning. I like to say, seeing and feeling calm breeds being calm.

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