Creating a User-Friendly Closet Environment 2

Hi. The attached video includes some GOLDEN NUGGETS of information to create more space in your closet; however those golden nuggets seem to be overshadowed by detailing the benefits of a certain kind of hanger. Most importantly for me with respect to hangers is to have consistency with whatever style you choose; pick one kind (thin felt, transparent plastic, etc) and use it for all clothes rather than mixing different types of hangers, which subconsciously confuses the brain and causes that sense of overwhelm when you’re looking at your hanging rack.

It confounds me how beautiful clothes end up on wire hangers. Clothes on wire hangers look sad and tired to me, and who wants to pull something to wear out of the closet which looks sad and tired. So TREAT YOURSELF and buy some clear plastic hangers, now available and sold in bulk at both retail and discount stores.

Ideas underscored in this video that I recommend to my clients include the following…

FIRSTLY, separate pants and tops.
Sort the tops by sleeve length – sleeveless / short / long – then by color within each length category. When clothes are hung this way, a closet immediately feels calmer.

SECONDLY, I clip my pants on a ‘skirt hanger’ because I prefer not having creases in my pants (ok, that sounds funny). Anyway, I have found that hanging pants over a hanger causes a line or slight horizontal indent in the pants when I take them out to wear them. If closet height is limited, it’s best to be consistent with the manner that you choose to hang the pants; remember, consistency is most important because it has a calming effect.

LASTLY, with pants and tops separated, hanging in color groups, and on the same kind of hanger, I guarantee that you will feel like you have a new wardrobe. And while you’re changing out those old hangers, might there be any clothes that could be donated to give your closet new energy space to receive something new….?
I’d love to hear your thoughts…


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