Speaking Raves


Motivational Speaker / CLARITY Coach


I tell you what, I would refer Virginia to anyone, anywhere, anytime.  She is a dynamo for women and men.  She spreads good vibes and presents practical solutions for creating CALM in both work and personal environments.  Our attendees were engaged and excited by her ideas.  Both my business and personal life have benefited greatly from hearing her speak and reading her book.  I would grab the opportunity to have Virginia speak to your team.  You will be so thrilled you did! – Kim White, President, National Assn. of Women in Construction, Chapter 17

Virginia’s approach to helping people go from “Chaos to C.A.L.M.” is a universal message that will connect with every person in the room.  More than just organizing “things,” Virginia’s message and mission is to help her participants reorganize their thinking about their time, their capabilities, and to give them the tools and a clear pathway that allows them to focus their time and energy on what matters most.  Who can’t benefit from that? – Myra Corrello, PhD, President, National Assn. of Women Business Owners, NOLA

Your ‘pre-work’ on collecting information about your audience really paid off.  I was impressed when you called me to gather information about the premise and type of attendee; but, I was really grateful when an attendee came up to me afterward and commented about how you were able to take a general topic and tie it into something that she could relate to in both her work and personal life.  I look forward to being able to book you again in the future!  – Christine Barnhill, President, Billbar Construction, Event Coordinator, American Society of Professional Estimators One-Day Seminar

Virginia was the keynote speaker for our annual symposium.  She brought a great presence and energy to our client event.  Our clients, law firm marketers and business development professionals, loved her tips for adapting the CALM Strategy in life and business.  We strive to provide programs which deliver practical and implementable ideas, and with Virginia we accomplished just that.  Shortly after the event we received this message from an attendee – “thanks so much for bringing in Virginia.  I have used CALM several times at work already and just pushed it out to a mentee of mine.” – Laura Meherg, Partner, The Wickerpark Group, Chicago

Virginia is a fabulous speaker! She excited the attendees with her simple and clever tools to make their lives more productive, free of clutter, and with a new perspective. Mindy Keller, Executive Director, Seasons Grief & Loss Center

Virginia, thanks so much for the fabulous training call with my Rodan+Fields business partners.  You have so much incredible advice to share about “clutterBusting” one’s life – in business and beyond.  Can’t wait to see what comes next from that creative mind of yours. –  Ashley Ullstein, Team Leader, Rodan + Fields 

One of my favorite tips from tonight’s call with Virginia–and there were many:“The best way to emerge from the fog of uncertainty is do SOMETHING,ANYTHING to take action which will put you back on track. Action infuses us with energy and keeps us motivated.” GREAT, GREAT, GREAT advice that I REALLY needed to hear!!! Not only with regard to my business, but in so many other areas of my life.  Now excuse me while I go clean a closet or 3.  – Michelle LeBlanc, Distributor, Rodan & Fields

You have inspired us to make a plan, prioritize, and act on it.  We will hunt for ‘strangers’, strive to eliminate ‘calendar chaos’, and disqualify what no longer works.  –  Christie Perdigao, President, Entre Nous

Thank you for giving us a new way to approach clutterBusting!  Your idea of beginning with a vision of how you want your space to look and function takes de-cluttering to a whole new level.  It will be much easier to tackle space and possessions, and to make changes with a clear vision in mind instead of just trying to thin things out and clean things up.  –  Patti Lee, President, Jefferson Bar Association Auxiliary

Author, #1Best Seller, ClutterBusting For Busy Women; How To Create A C.A.L.M. Life To Have More Time & Energy