A Brilliant End of 2013 Calendar


Written by Ashley Bond

I am the least organized person on the planet. I forget things. I miss appointments. Every day when my husband asks me what I did, I’m never really sure what to say. There are days I don’t have time to pee because I’m just so busy, but I can’t for the life of me tell you why. I organize to procrastinate and then reorganize what I’ve organized because I read a book on organization. It’s ridiculous.

I had the pleasure of sitting in on a presentation by the accomplished Virginia Barkley, life coach, professional organizer, speaker and author of Clutter Busting for Busy Women, a #1 best seller that teaches us what clutter really is, how it distracts us from the good stuff, and prevents us from being productive. Her mantra: More Living, Less Stuff.

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