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Digesting the DaySince the kitchen is the backdrop for most of the action in the house, it is essential to make it your partner in efficiency. You’ve probably heard the kitchen referred to as the heart of the home, but I refer to it as the stomach. Kitchens act as the hub of the home, especially as they’ve grown in size. Inevitably, all that moves through the house seems to find its way, at one point or another, into and out of the kitchen. We come to the kitchen to be nourished not only by food but by the company and conversation.

Have you ever noticed how the kitchen is the most crowded room at parties? We’re drawn to this room because no matter how the house is decorated, we are sure to find a refrigerator, stove, and sink in the kitchen and immediately we feel at home. We talk of certain items as being comfort food and the kitchen represents the most popular comfort zone in our homes.

The kitchen is the prime example I employ to illustrate the beauty of zoning a room which places items closest to their point of use. Zoning saves precious time and energy when looking for cooking items and accessories. There seems to be an abundance of specialized gadgets and gizmos to cut, slice, dice, and mix, to name just a few. There are a plethora of items for the kitchen. Has one of these gadgets ever caught your eye and you said to yourself, ‘I wish I’d thought of that!’ Drawer dividers are golden in the kitchen so that you can find just what you’re looking for when you need it.

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