Clutter Culprits

clutter-culprits-300x225There is a difference between having clutter versus having a messy house. Our belongings will inevitably get out of order in our homes because life involves the constant movement of energy. I do not correlate items being out of place with clutter unless those items cannot easily be put back where they belong. More often than not, clutter accumulates when storage space is not being used to its full potential and our items land, by default, on counters, couches, doorknobs, or the floor. These items which create a cluttered environment are different from the clutter culprits I am addressing below because, hopefully, the items mentioned above are being used while not necessarily being put away effectively.

Clutter culprits are nostalgic items that we can’t seem to part with but are not serving any active purpose in our life today, or the items that we buy impulsively and for a number of reasons. We may buy something to lift our spirits, for example. Our ‘tribe’ mentality kicks in when we buy something with friends because of their encouraging us to do so, even though we are doubtful of whether we really like it. Other times, while we might have the best of intentions, we buy items to help get us organized without fully understanding how or where we’ll use the items and they end up in a closet somewhere to deal with later.

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